What is Google’s voice number?

What is Google's voice number

Google voice number is the best tool providing by Google. And if you want to get Google’s voice number then you should select area code and number. There is a lot number of benefits that you can get by using a Google voice number. However, there are some limitations to using Google voice numbers.

Sign up for Google voice number

It is very easy and simple to sign up for Google voice number.  And by acting on some easy steps, you can get a Google voice number. Here is the method of creating a Google voice number.

  • Open voice.google.com on your device with a Google account. If you don’t have a Google account, then the first bet of using a Google voice number is to have a Google account.
  • Secondly, you should provide some area codes and phone numbers. So it depends on that what you choose, however, if you want to select someone then verify it.
  • In the last step, you should verify your existing phone number through 6 digits. When you will enter this code, then you will get your Google voice number for use.

After getting a Google voice number, you can use all features of Google voice number.

How to make calls through Google voice number?

When you will get a Google voice number, then you can use this number as your primary number. However, all features of normal numbers are available in Google voice numbers. Here is the method of using Google’s voice number for calls.

  • Scroll down your device and then click on the call option.
  • Select your number through that you want to call whether it is your own number or Google voice number. You can use both numbers for different purposes like you can use Google voice numbers for domestic calls and personal numbers for international calls. Domestic calls from Google Voice number are free while there are minimum charges for international calls.

By using these simple steps, you will be able to use your Google voice number for domestic and international calls.

How to receive incoming calls on Google voice number?

It is easy to tag your Google voice number on different and multiple devices. And then select any device through that you want to receive calls. Here is the method of receiving incoming calls on a Google voice number.

  • Scroll down through your Google voice number and then select an option of call forwarding.
  • When you will click on this option, then you will receive the list of all those devices which are registered through your Google voice number. So you can select any device which you want to pick the call. However, which device you will select, you will get incoming calls.

From the above discussion, you should learn that how much it is easy to use Google voice numbers. It is not only simple and useful in use. But it is also a cost effect Google tool and when you will buy Google numbers, then you will forget other useful services of Google and other social tools. The ordinary number could be used without an internet connection while if you want to use a Google Voice number then it is necessary to have an internet connection.

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