Top benefits of email validation

Top benefits of email validation

What is email validation?

Email validation is a process where the authenticity of an email address is checked. In this validation process, an email address is checked to see if it is correct and is deliverable or not. This process involves spotting eros like types, whether the domain is correct or not or any other mistakes that will cause the email to bounce back. This process confirms if the email is valid and if it exists in email servers like Yahoo or Gmail.

Why do we need email validation?

We know that email marketing is one of the strongest tools in the field of digital marketing. Email marketing is a strong process to bring in traffic, increase engagement and also help the business to grow. All digital marketing professionals around the globe rely heavily on email marketing to improve the online visibility of the business.

Did you know that email marketing is known to offer an ROI of 3400%? Well, with such a conversion rate, there is no doubt that email marketing is the best practice for getting better traffic and conversations.

But in order to ensure that email marketing gets the desired results, it is mandated that the emails are validated in order to ensure maximum reach. Hence, from here we can conclude that email validation plays a major role in a successful email marketing campaign.

Benefits of email validation?

In this post, we will discuss a few of the important benefits of email validation and how it can help to improve your email marketing strategy.

  1. Offers accurate data

High-quality data is what is required to implement a successful email marketing strategy. With the help of email validation, one can ensure that the emails present in the list are accurate and it aligns with the goals of the campaign objectives. With proper validation, you can get a better understanding of the quality of the emails and how accurate they are.

  1. Save money

Storing emails and sending them costs some money. With the help of the validation process, you can scrap out emails that are incorrect and hence it cleans up unwanted emails from the list. This helps in saving money by only storing emails are accurate and will get results.

  1. Reduces bounce back

It is a known fact that if the bounce-back rate is high then there is a probability that the campaign will not be able to achieve the desired results. With the help of email validation, one can only send emails that are accurate and correct. This reduces the bounce-back rate and hence the emails delivered are very high. With a high delivery rate, the chances of success of the campaign improve drastically.

  1. Take out the cream from the list

With the help of email validation, one can skim out the cream emails and give more focus to sending personalized emails. This helps in targeting the leads which are most likely to convert and give you more business.

  1. Helps to target better

Email validation helps to segregate the email as per the objectives of the campaign. This helps to target the audience more accurately instead of sending bulk emails which will not get many returns.


From here we can conclude that email validation is very important for a successful email marketing campaign.

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