top games in 2021

Mobile games are an indispensable entertainment method at the moment, especially Tet when many people have free time.

1.League of Legends: Rapid War – MOBA

Just launched in the Vietnamese market in December last year as Speed ​​Chien immediately occupied the top position of the chart for 3 consecutive months. Certainly gamers will find it difficult to ignore the familiar League of Legends experience right on their smartphone. In addition, Rapid Chien also has a lot of its own qualities.

The graphics, graphics, textures, and some character effects have been reworked to suit the mobile platform. Moreover, in the village of MOBA games on the phone today, Speed ​​Chien is considered to be the game with the highest difficulty, with the most operations so that users can easily prove their level and have moments of brain stress with each match. attractive match.

2.Auto Chess – Strategy

You must have heard of the game Dota Autochess, or later released as The Truth Field of League of Legends. When Teamfight Tactic has not yet officially launched in the Vietnamese market, you can experience a similar game called Auto Chess.

Auto Chess is inspired by Dota and has champions that have changed in design, but the skills, parameters and races and races remain similar. In addition, the mechanism of using the map of this game is also simpler than the original Auto Chess or TFT. The most special point is that the game supports Vietnamese, so Vietnamese gamers will not take too much time to get acquainted.

With attractive gameplay and many different strategies, each individual strategy will give players different active hidden potions for the team. The player’s job is to choose for themselves the best pieces, upgrade them and win the opponent. Although for those of you who have never played, it will take a lot of time to get acquainted and play well with this very good game and will cause many people to give up because it is too difficult.

3 .Asphalt 9: Legend – Racing
The Asphalt series has always been a monument in the mobile racing game series. Asphalt 9: Legend version brings superior graphics and gameplay compared to other racing game genres. In addition, the game is continuously updated with the latest models from all famous brands in the world, including motorcycles and super cars.

Gameloft offers you up to 60 seasons and over 800 continuously updated racing tracks in Career mode. Also you can race against many other players around the world through Multiplayer mode. Currently the game owns up to 10 million downloads and has not shown signs of decline over the past several months.

4. Mortal Kombat Mobile – Fighting
Mortal Kombat is a popular fighting game that has been released on many platforms such as PC, or Console. With the mobile version, the console has been completely reworked to make it easier to operate. However, most of the character’s skills have been preserved and some of the animations have been reduced.

5.Mortal Kombat Mobile – Fighting

You can not ask for the effect or animation of the game to be completely simulated like the Console version because the processing capacity of the smartphone chip is not enough. But if compared to other mobile fighting games, Mortal Kombat also has very good quality effects with diverse and attractive gameplay.

With this game you will control Jack’s character through many different levels to help him defeat the candies that are invading the world and rescue the scientists. Jack has acrobatic skills, shoot guns with beautiful graphics, friendly to all ages of users. The gameplay is simple but also very difficult, requiring players to quickly react to situations.

In particular, although the game has In app purchase (in-app purchases), it’s not a Pay to win game (pay to win). You can choose to buy different characters or weapons, but the giveaways through the levels are more than enough to help you and Jack destroy the biscuits.

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