Tips for a restful sleep

Tips for a restful sleep

It is important to sleep well in order to be in good health. But it may happen that you are unable to sleep sometimes. It may be because you are anxious or stressed out. Here are some tips for getting better sleep and the kind of help you can get to get a restful sleep

you need a good amount of sleep in order for your body to grow better and to be successful in preventing disease. The brain also needs sleep in order to function well.

Most people need about eight or nine hours of sleep to be well. Sleeping at night is better as our bodies are designed to wake up during the day and sleep at night

You can do the following to sleep better

  • Try not to sleep during the day, as this can make it difficult to sleep in the evening. Wake up in the morning even if you haven’t had enough sleep.
  • Get moving during the day – you can exercise or take a walk, for example because our bodies are designed to move. If you move well, you may feel pleasure and notice that your sleep has improved.
  • Get out of the house every day. Daylight is very good for you especially during winter.
  • Eat good food. It is best to eat your meals around the same time every day. Don’t drink a lot of Coca-Cola, coffee, energy drinks, and tea, especially in the afternoon or evening as these drinks will keep you awake. Do not drink alcohol.
  • Do you smoke or use “snous” tobacco? Try to  stop or reduce smoking . Cigarettes and wet tobacco contain nicotine, which can make it difficult for you to fall asleep.
  • Try to relax an hour before bedtime. Turn off cell phones, computers, and powerful bulbs, and eat something if you are hungry.
  • Get out of bed if you cannot sleep within half an hour. Do something else for a while, like reading, eating something, taking a shower, or taking a little walk.

Relaxation tips

It will make it easier for you to fall asleep if you are relaxed.

  • Listen to some relaxing music.
  • Try to think about your breathing. See the air that fills and exits your lungs. Breathe slowly.
  • Focus on each part of your body for a while. Tighten this portion for a few seconds, then release it. You can start with one of your toes, then your foot, then your leg, and so on, until you pass over your entire body.
  • Use an app that contains relaxation exercises.

Do you have a lot of thoughts that make it hard for you to relax? Try not to let thoughts frighten you and say to yourself: “I will think about this or talk about this tomorrow, when I am comfortable but not now, I want now to relax and relax.”

Everyone has difficulty sleeping sometimes

Sometimes it can be difficult for us to sleep. You may wake up at night and cannot sleep again, or you may wake up early without having slept enough.

Everyone encounters difficulties like this from time to time. This is not surprising and usually disappears automatically.

You may feel the following if you are not sleeping well

  • You feel tired and sad.
  • Feel pain in the head.
  • You feel nauseous and dizzy.
  • You have difficulty concentrating and thinking.
  • You feel stressed and angry.

You may experience difficulty sleeping if you are feeling anxious or stressed

If you are under  stress or feel anxious or sad , you may have difficulty sleeping. For example, if you have an exam at school or you think a lot about something and how things will go.

It will become difficult for you to relax if you think too much about your concerns, and you may not be able to sleep as deeply as you should when you fall asleep.

You will sleep better when all is well. 

You may feel tired due to the frightening experiences you have had

You may feel tired if you have been  through stressful circumstances and  will need to sleep for longer hours than usual. 

It is important to seek help if you feel extremely tired for a long time. If this is the case, you need help to feel better. Start talking about your condition with someone else.

You may have nightmares while you sleep if you are feeling anxious or stressed

Dreaming about things that scare or worry you is common. And it may happen that you have nightmares after a long period of difficult circumstances in which you have lived.

Nightmares affect sleep a lot, so you may wake up and not dare to sleep again, remember the dream clearly, and the disturbing feeling remains in your mind.

Usually, thinking about nightmares during the day is not equally frightening. For example, telling a friend about your dreams is helpful, as it may become easier for you to fall asleep at night.

You can get help if you are not sleeping well

You don’t need to worry if you sleep poorly sometimes, but you should seek help if you have not slept well for several weeks.

Call a youth clinic  or  health care center . You can visit a nurse or social worker if you go to school. And someone you meet can help you get additional support if you need to. For example, you could talk to a therapist who will help you feel better so you can sleep better.

You and the person helping you should be able to understand what is causing you sleep deprivation, and you need help to overcome them. For example, you need to talk about what scares you, understand how it affects you, and learn how to relax.

There are medications to treat difficulty sleeping that can help a lot, but you need a prescription to get the kind of medicine that you only have to take for a short time.

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