Interior design inspiration: Concepts and furniture for your office

Interior design inspiration: Concepts and furniture for your office

As the second home where we stay almost half our day, offices should inspire us to work. A good office reflects the worker’s attitude towards his/ her job. Thus, an office should be clean, organized and presentable.

The power of interior design concepts is a great key in achieving both the organized and presentable concept. With a lot of concepts from DIY to professionally made ones in the internet, alike handmade cushions online, we can surely find one that will suit your style.

Here are some interior design inspirations for your office concepts and furniture.

  1. Sliding Door

Sliding door is a concept that is handed from Japanese era. Besides from limiting space consumed when opening the door, sliding doors can also prevent further accidents.

There are a lot of concept ideas to make your sliding doors in office more engaging on your part. You may take the sliding door outside the hall or inside your office. You may also design your sliding doors in straight sideway or vertically opening them.

The usual designs of sliding doors are complimented with glass component. This is to allow sunlight rays or for you to check persons on the other end of the door. Sliding doors on the other hand can be ordered in some websites with other handmade cushions online.

  1. Floor carpet

To a convenient way of having your floors to look clean, the best remedy is putting a carpet. Carpets can be bought on webs just like handmade cushion online. You may be referred to check their designs which comes from plain colors to abstract, animated and even personalized floor patterns.

floor carpet

Besides from making the floor clean, carpets can also organize the desks in an office setting. The sets of blocks from each carpet can serve as the space for each cubicle set-up. Handmade cushion online is accented with some websites for carpets.

Thus, carpeting the floor is necessary in every office. It allows for the office to look organized and tries to make the atmosphere neat.

  1. Lighten Up

To work efficiently, a bright light is necessary. Not only it prevents laziness during work hours but increase the work enthusiast with working for those with poor eyesight.

Lighten Up

There are a variety of lights to use in some offices. You may use colorful lights that should complement with the hue of your furniture. In addition, you may try to use hanging or dangling lights per station to brighten up the ray lights in every station.

You may order the lights online or try to check concepts in the web. Just like handmade cushion online, lights can be check in some websites that can offer discounts with personalized theme.

  1. Office Nap Station

  2. Office Nap Station

To allow worker to have a power nap or just a peaceful mind, you need to make an office nap station. This office nap station can be limited to a small space corner to couple of square meters which depends on the area space of your office.

The usual set-up of nap stations is composed of convertible sofa to bed with comfy cushions. You may also use inflatable bed to limit the space of the nap station. Handmade cushion online is the best to complement on this napping station.

Provide a peaceful ambiance in your office nap station. As much as possible it should be quite with good ventilation.

  1. Entertainment Section

There are many ways to prevent work burden in some office workers. Others need a couple of minutes to break from their working hours. As a solution, some interior designers invented to make an entertainment section.

The entertainment section is composed of handmade cushions online can be bought, a television where PSP or movies can be played and or a computer where some can play online games.

Please be sure that the entertainment section is away from your office nap station. Some people want peaceful and quite time when trying to make use of their break periods.

When people met their entertainment in the office, it means that the company value the enjoyment of their employers. If they feel appreciated, they provide to a more progressive quality of work.


Change in the office set-up can make a great impact in the quality of product from workers. Materials can be ordered in the nearest depots or on some websites like handmade cushion online.

Built some office station that are well-lit to brighten their day even with hours from work. Sliding door is convenient for trying to allow more sun rays. Carpets can make it more organized and cleaner. Nap station and entertainment sections are good ways to promote employer satisfaction.

It is always good to work in an office that is comfortable to work. So, let us make a hand in making such one.

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