Inspire and Motivate to Improve Team Efficiency

Motivation filled in teamwork works like fuel in the engine being injected. It is the best quality a team leader must possess. Moreover, the success of leaders is measured by the morale and motivation level of their team.

So, what to do to motivate your team members? How can we keep our team inspired and productive every day?

Here are some ideas to be followed while working as a team.

team work motivation
team work motivation

Trust Your Team Members

A team leader should believe in the ability of his team to achieve goals. This could be done by assigning them the responsibilities in the teamwork and creating small challenges to give them a chance to rise.

Additionally, every time hovering over the shoulders of your employees can make them nervous and hence less productive. So, make sure there should be a working environment free of stress, nervousness, and anxiety. This will make your team creative and productive.

Organizing small competitions with rewards

It’s human nature, we are fed up if we are working, working and working all the days. We love changes to boost up energy and continue the work again. There should be weekly or monthly competitions of games and distribution of prizes as well to the winners.

Incentives with prize for achievements

If someone is working hard exceptionally in the team, give him a prize, it’s more likely he will work well for the future too. Also, if your team achieves a certain goal, reward them, like with a free lunch, a picnic outside, and free event tickets or distributing gift cards. It’s the oldest and tried psychological principle which will not only tickle the reward center of brains but also will inspire a friendly, healthy competition in the workplace.

Collect Ideas while making decisions

What do you feel when a decision is made and you only hear the final announcement? Isolated and unimportant and working only to earn the salary. However, if a decision is made with a collection of ideas, gives a feel of belongingness and importance in the team. Additionally, more brains working together will give accurate and error free solutions.

More importantly, in this competitive era, employees switch their jobs very frequently, a leader should take care of his team to keep them involved in the team so that the team members are attached to the team emotionally too.

Quotes to Inspire Teamwork

Your team is tired, overworked or unwilling to work together, the downfall in productivity is sure. In these types of cases employees start focusing on their own personal requirements. They do not help each other and company focus is lost and resolving issues becomes a burden.

In the case of teamwork, motivation means a lot. One of the simplest ways is to hang a white board on the entrance and write a motivational thought to motivate your team every morning.

Here are some simple suggestions to improve team efficiency by using the motivational quotes according to the tasks going on and the environment required in the workplace and also for work tracker.

  1.     Shared Vision (When all the team members work together by sharing their ideas and knowledge to achieve a common goal)

Teamwork is the ability to work together towards a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments towards organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results”.


  1. Clear Goals (When you want everyone to move in same direction)

A Boat doesn’t go forward if each one is rowing their own way”.


    Open and honest Communication

    (Quotation is for transparency in the team to point out the right and wrong things going on. Use while collecting ideas so that everyone speak the unafraid)

Great teams do not hold back with one another; they are unafraid to air their dirty laundry. They admit their mistakes, their weaknesses, and their concerns without fear of reprisal”.


  1. Efficient collaboration

    (Team leader possess the best qualities in him that is why he is chosen to give directions to others, that is why his speed becomes the speed of the team he is handling)

I’ve always found that the speed of the boss is the speed of the team”.


    Strong sense of Belongingness

    (Giving equal importance to each and every member of the team)

  2. There is no “I” in the team”.


    Competence Diversity

    (Being unique and show the specialization of team members to make the job done better than others)

You don’t get harmony when everyone sings the same note”.



(Each and every member should have complete dedication in performing tasks)

Individual commitment to a group effort that is what makes a team work a company work, a society work, a civilization work”.


  1. Accountability for team achievements

    (considering team goals over personal goals)

If a team is to reach its potential each player must be willing to subordinate his personal goals to the good of the team”.


  1. Sufficient amount of control

    (Higher level management should be strict to a level so that everything should go without disputes)

Strategy is not a sold sport even of you are the CEO”.


    Balanced Coordination

    (everyone is important in case of teamwork)

No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it”.



    (working together makes dependence on each other)

Cooperation is the thorough conviction that nobody can get there unless everybody gets there”.


  1. Motivated Team Members

    (Motivation is a must quality a leader must possess, without this quality a leader and his team efforts go in vain)

A leader must inspire or his team will expire”.


13.Productive involvement (Teamwork should be profitable at the end)

It is amazing how much people get done if they do not worry about who gets the credit”.


14.Quick Problem Solving (Everyone should be active to participate in problem solving tasks)

In teamwork, silence isn’t golden, it is deadly”.


15.Efficient Delegation (Work goes on better pace if we take it as a challenge to complete within limited time)

The real challenge is for each of us to determine where we feel we can make the most impact”.


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