How To Trade Gold Cards In Coin Master


It will never be easy to find golden cards if you focus on searching different villages. How is the gold cards exchanged? Coin master. You probably already know that the gold cards are the most wanted and the hardest to win, so the only way left is to seek the trade.

Unlike the most common cards in the game, which you would normally get effortlessly in missions, events or even in the slot machine, because they are from 1 to 3 stars. 

You can trade gold cards during events. There are two golden cards that are exchanged at each event that the Coin Master selects. If you only want to exchange your gold cards with friends or to do arrangements between players that you might get, you can only do this during special events scheduled by the developers that are held monthly or weekly.

How the Trade Gold Cards In Events 

In these events, there is only one protagonist gold card that you can have in exchange for one or more community cards also determined by the same deck.

So each event is unique because: change the gold card and the requirements to have it. That’s why it’s so important that even if you get multiple repeat cards, you keep them so that you’re prepared when they ask for it during the event.

If you have multiple gold card events that don’t include the one you need to complete your collection, it’s best to look for other alternatives to win them instead of changing them:

Participate in tournaments and Win Reward

Each tournament has a table of positions, if you get in the top 3 of that list, you have more chances to receive the cards.

Chest trading cards

If you want to give the repeated cards another use, there are chests of different categories that you can get in the shop. The “Magic Chests” are the most expensive and the one with the most gold cards, so you can use a certain number of repeated cards of a certain level to exchange them for the chests.

Pay for the cards or chests

As a last resort, you can choose to use your own money to get the cards. Here we recommend that you pay for the magic chests they give you more cards and benefits besides the ones you need in time. This would be a better investment in the future, trust us.


In this guide we explain how to get gold cards in Coin Master. The only method to get the biggest prize in the game, the gold cards.

Coin Master is one of those games that seems ridiculous to many but when you start playing you discover that, in reality, it engages much more than it seems. It is an addictive game where getting certain things is very complicated and one of those things that everyone wants are gold cards or gold cards. On this occasion we would like to explain to you how to get these types of cards in the game, since they are much more rare and difficult to obtain than normal cards.

Gold cards or gold cards are the biggest prize we can get in the game , and you will surely be waiting to know if there are several ways to get these cards, but we have bad news for you. There is only one process to obtain these cards and getting them will not be easy at all. You will need to dedicate hours and hours to the game and even follow the best tricks to win in Coin Master .



There is only one official way, that is, without resorting to any type of hack or cheat to get these golden cards in Coin Master. The way to get hold of them is through the game market itself , when it officially activates them. You must be attentive to the title at all times and pay attention to the official market announcements that mark the existence of this type of cards that you can get or buy. This is the only way to get these types of cards.

And worst of all, they are not free. To get the golden cards in Coin Master it is necessary to obtain a lot of resources , which means spending all day pulling the slot in search of more resources. Do not forget that you do not have to get yes or yes cards of this type either. The gold cards are nothing more than improved versions of the common cards that you have surely obtained throughout your time in the game. Pay attention to the actions that are required to obtain these cards and do not waste too much time or obsess over them because there is no other way to get them.

Coin Master can make you have a really fun time but it is true that there are several things that are ruining the gaming experience and surely you already know what they are, don’t you?

Coin Master Free Gold Cards Link 2021-202

It is possible to receive free gold from your friend if he has a duplicate card and one other card. It is not possible to trade gold cards. You simply have to send him your link and he will attempt to provide you with your missing card.

Coin Master Gold Cards Hack

Hack Coin Master Fast and Easy f you are one of those who do not like to wait to progress in their favorite games and need simple solutions that allow you to customize games like Coin Master so that they do everything you want and thus give you the advantage over other users , then you are definitely in the great list of people who are looking for how to hack Coin Master quickly and easily.

There are many hacks available for this game since it is so well-known, giving you access to coins, spins, cards, and many other perks you need. But some of these are difficult to use, unreliable or just don’t deliver what they promise. That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to collect the best ones for you to try.

Change the date of your device

Let’s start with a simple hack that doesn’t even require you to download any new files to your device. As you know Coin Master gives you a reward of coins, spins, pet food and others every day, but setting a future date in your mobile settings will reset the Coin Master counter and will give you a reward again because it’s a new day. 

It is the most convenient and fastest hack for those who are not comfortable with downloading other programs or who are not familiar with the installation. It is also the only one that the developers will not detect or report as an illegal use to delete your account.



Hope you will understand how to trade Gold Cards during special events. Stay away from scammers. There is no safe and complete hack working.

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