How to promote your songs on Youtube

How to promote your songs on Youtube

Youtube is one of the most popular places to market your songs and display your videos.

The platform has millions of users and is basically a free marketing tool. Besides,

if you want to contact someone from the industry and send them your work, you can send them your Youtube link. So as you see, promotion on this platform has its advantages. So in this article, written by EKmixmaster, we will talk about promotion on this platform.

Try using paid ads on Youtube. 

If you’ve used this platform at least once, you know that it is pretty dependent on ads. If you want t try this method, you need to choose what clips you want to promote and then tailor the available ad formats to your needs. There are a lot of adjustable settings that you can tweak to get the desired result. You are able choose who will see the ad and where. You should try out different strategies and then stick to the one that works best.

Get verification 

Verification on Youtube is quite important as it gives you more possibilities, more useful tools to analyze your audience, and other goodies. You can get verified once you have posted more than 3 videos.

Make your music visually appealing

Youtube is a perfect place to enhance your songs with strong visuals. Besides, there is no better content to promote your music than a music video. You may also try out short clips, which are very popular with the users right now.

Diversify your content

It’s obvious, that a Youtube channel of an artist is mainly used to post songs and music videos however, don’t underestimate the power of other formats. Vlogs are very popular on the platform, and if you want to keep the interest of your fans alive, you should show them the real you from time to time. People are always interested in what goes on behind the scenes, so consider diversifying your content with vlogs or behind-the-scenes clips, and other non-musical content.

Use popular tags

The title and description of your content are very important when it comes to search engines. Make them concise. Use popular keywords to optimize your title for the search. If we talk about mvs, your name and the title of the song will do the job, but if we take other content, you should do some research beforehand to find out popular keywords and tags to use in your title.

Come up with an interesting video cover

Your thumbnail design will in many ways determine whether a user will click on it or not. As a rule of thumb, make sure your covers are bright and colorful and use high-quality photos. But remember, your thumbnail shouldn’t be confusing or misleading. It should depict the topic of the video. People don’t like to be fooled by clickbaits.

Engage in a dialogue with your audience

Make sure that your channel is not a monologue. If you want your fans to always come for more, show that you care, like their comments, respond to them, thank them for their support. You can also post content on the community tab to ask for the opinion of your fans or to announce a new video or song release.

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