Types of carpets How are carpets made?

It works carpet to provide warmth and comfort when placed on the ground so it is necessary to take the characteristics of the carpet into consideration when choosing a carpet type which is natural or synthetic fibers that have been used in the manufacture of carpet type, as well as the way in which connect the fiber rings lining was made, and in order to work to facilitate Knowing carpet cleaning methods, as these characteristics determine foot comfort on carpets, in addition to the properties that prevent corrosion. And the carpet industry through the filament winding fiber by material support so that it is stitched in a similar way to sew a button on the shirt, and fiber types most commonly used is nylon, polyester, polypropylene, wool and acrylic.

Benefits of carpet

There are many options that cover surfaces , such as: carpet and hardwood , and each product has advantages and disadvantages that differ from the other, so it is imperative to know carpet cleaning methods, as carpets have many advantages compared to hard surfaces, and among the benefits of using carpet are the following :

  • The carpet gives distinct style and different space according to the pattern on it. 
  • The carpet feels comfortable when you stand or walk on it for a long time. Carpets provide a valuable insulating agent even though the type of fiber varies. 
  • Carpets create a quieter space. 
  • Carpets protect against slips and falls, providing more safety. 
  • The low cost of carpets. 

Carpet cleaning methods What is the best way to deeply clean carpets?

With the passage of time on the use of carpets, the color of the carpet may change and become duller in color, so it is necessary to know regular carpet cleaning methods in order to remove the stains and restore their shine to them, as they depend on the type of stains and dirt that have fallen into them. And the cleaning tools suitable for him, and in order to work on restoring the appearance of the carpet, it is possible to use a vacuum cleaner and choose a carpet cleaner and clean it from one to two times a year, and cleaning tools may leave dirt due to their frequent use, so you must then use steam cleaners that can be rented from home stores that help On removing dirt from vacuums, and among the methods of carpet cleaning are the following: Sorry, the video player failed to load.

Dry cleaning of carpets What are the advantages of dry cleaning carpets?

When cleaning home carpets, it is necessary to know what are the appropriate carpet cleaning methods, as it is possible to choose the appropriate method according to the type of carpet.Some carpets need dry cleaning, while other types need steam cleaning, and one of the advantages of dry cleaning of carpets with low humidity is that it saves Deep cleaning by treating the fibers and eliminating dirt, oils and other sediments, and also works to prevent stains , as it is one of the systems that are used for residential purposes, due to its low cost and less use when dew forms on it.

Steam carpet cleaning 

Why do people with allergies prefer the steam method to clean carpets? One of the carpet cleaning methods that can be resorted to when individuals suffer from sensitivity to odors, the best way to deeply clean carpets is cleaning with water vapor, which does not produce any smell, but rather contributes to killing bacteria and removing dirt that works on the appearance of other smells, as it works to remove the smell Mildew and improving the appearance of carpets, as steam carpet cleaning provides the required advantages of carpet cleaning, and steam cleaning carpet works to pump moisture slightly into the carpet fibers, providing the cleanliness required to disinfect and renew it.

Carpet cleaning steps How can the type of carpet be inferred?

There are many ways to clean the carpet, some of which can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, and some need a deep cleaning in order to restore the necessary appearance of the carpet and maintain it for a longer time, and here are the steps for cleaning the carpet: 

  • Vacuum regularly, and do carpet washing from 12 to 18 months.
  • Knowing the type of carpet by searching for an inconspicuous spot and vacuuming it, then putting a piece of cloth over it, stain remover, keeping it for an hour, then wiping the area. 
  • Removing the furniture from the room and working on cleaning the carpets with a rented machine, and if the colors of the carpets are light, this machine must be owned. 
  • If steam cleaning of carpets is used, it is necessary to make sure that the carpet is dry so that there is no calcification.

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