How to Choose a Gift Basket for a New Mother

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The process of delivering a baby is one of the most challenging parts of a woman’s life. Medical studies have proven that giving birth is similar to a level of pain induced by a heart attack. To show women how much we appreciate them, we should give them a gift they are certain to enjoy. The best thing you can do to make your wife, friend or relative happy is to choose the perfect present for them. This gesture of consideration is certain to bring a smile to the newborn’s mothers face.

Often people buy gifts for newborn babies, neglecting appreciation of the mother. To show our support for new mothers, Nutcracker Sweets has launched a unique line of newborn baby gift baskets in Toronto, designed especially for women in need of joy. Here are some of the products you can get in the customised gift basket.

  1. Everyday Adventure

At a reasonable price, this basket contains a variety of special items. It includes a reusable water bottle, a snack bag that parents can use while travelling, cotton blankets, Safety Carabiner Stroller Clip and face cloths. To facilitate the novel addition of a newborn baby, this gift basket allows mothers to destress during their daily routine.

  1. Hungry Caterpillar

At the price of only $95, this beautifully designed basket, themed with adorable caterpillars, is sure to please any baby. With several products included, a gift like this will both entertain small children and provide necessities for mothers.

  1. Beary Classic

This classic basket is available in two colours: blue and pink. This basket costs $80 and includes a storybook, a Gund teddy bear and a blanket that is made from 100% cotton. Consisting of handy tools and toys, parents and children alike are sure to love it.

  1. Charming Treasures – Blue

This basket is specially designed for baby boys and their mothers. Including all types of imported products, it contains a wide array of useful necessities for parents of young children, allowing them to ease into their novel routine.

  1. Munch Monkey Engraving

Customised as a wooden crate with a variety of products, this unisex basket allows babies of all genders to experience the fun of its contents. If you’re not sure yet of your baby’s gender, this is the basket for you. Available for preorder, this basket has a monkey themed basket, with each unique product attached to a cute monkey. Babies will love the extra entertainment, and parents will appreciate the useful items.

  1. Luxe Llama – Pink

For $140, this basket has a unique set of products, including handmade towels, blankets, clothes and teddy bears.  Specially designed for newborn girls, each item is a combination of soft pink and lily-white. Not only does this basket contain the perfect theme, the baby’s name can also be imprinted on the blanket. For boys, the basket can be designed in blue and white instead.

  1. Some Bunny to Love – Pink

For only $50, this basket has a combination of pink and white items. Designed for baby girls, Nutcracker Sweets presents this gift basket as a staple of every new mother’s gift collection. Perfect for parents and young girls alike, this unique array of items is both pleasing to the eye and wonderful for everyday use.

  1. Elegant Elephant Trunk

Embellished by a wooden toy chest, this gift has no specific gender in mind, allowing a broad range of children to enjoy its merits. This chest costs $225, including a wooden crate with the baby’s name, a stuffed dancing elephant, a children’s storybook, a notebook and an outfit with a matching blanket. Perfect for babies, this gift also contains chocolate and toffee for the parents. Children and adults alike will love it.

These baskets can be found on the Nutcracker Sweets official website

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