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Digital Marketing Consultant with vast experience of more than 15 years in the field of Digital Marketing Entrepreneurship, Pavani Naidu is the Founder of Aartisto Technologies, India-Canada, OurStartup India and New Portal.  If you are looking for an expert in the field of digital marketing and branding, you have a one-stop consultant for all holistic branding. The leadership of Pavani has helped many startups explore their dream in various fields especially having specialized in Hospital / Doctors Branding, US IT Staffing Portals, Construction Companies etc. Having clientele all around the globe undoubtedly she is the best digital marketing expert.

Complete Digital Marketing Services

Starting from Name Suggestion to setting-up and running of business, she has excellence in providing marketing and branding services. Digital marketing expert helping to grow businesses developing marketing strategy, planning, execution and monitoring the plan. A digital marketing plan is mandatory for any business to compete with the competitors and increase the search engine rankings organically. Adopting both organic online marketing techniques with paid marketing strategy will help businesses to balance the business plan in a sustainable way. Paid Campaigns help businesses to capture immediate attention of the audience where organic methods help to have long term existence and engagement.

SEO Process involves On-Page Search Engine Optimization and Off-Page Search Engine Optimization:

On-Page SEO Involves:

All the factors that are internal to the webpages and the components of web site like text content, metadate, HTML tags, images and all the hyperlinks

  1. Keyword Optimization
  2. Meta Description
  3. Internal Linking
  4. Title Tags
  5. Content Optimization
  6. Alt Text of Images
  7. SSL – Secure Sockets Layer
  8. Permalink/URL Structure

Off-Page SEO

Activities that actually pave a perfect way to your website with the help of referring domains, inbound links, brand mentions, social media activity and influencer brand marketing. Having potential links pointing towards the website helps in building a strong value to the website.

  1. Local SEO
  2. Backlinks
  3. Domain Authority
  4. Social Signals
  5. Guest Posts
  6. Pay-Per-Click
  7. Social Bookmarking
  8. Reviews on various portals

On the other side Technical SEO and Paid Campaigns strategy are important in taking the brand ahead. SEO is digital marketing technique along with Social Media Marketing, Paid Campaigns and Technical SEO.  Search Engine Optimization helps to increase quality and quantity of visitors to the website using organic digital marketing techniques.

Complete SEO Process:

To be ahead of competition, it’s always good to use the best digital marketing practices that are compliant to the changing rules of search engines and the digital marketing world. Briefly, SEO helps to increase brand value through the company’s official website in digital media for particular keywords related to business. These techniques can give more business and generate valuable leads to business. Search Engine Optimization is a time taking process but once the setup is done perfectly, it gives unending results to the company.  

Important Points to Optimize Website for SEO:

– User-friend UI/UX Optimization

– Page Load Optimization

– Reduction in Technical Errors

– SSL Security Certificate to load world wide

– Content Marketing using SEO Optimized Content

– Internal Linking

– Backlinking from high value websites having good Domain Authority and Page Authority.

– Optimized Images with Alt Tags and Title Tags

There are few digital marketers around the world who offer 100% ranking in search engines and one among them is Pavani Naidu. Explore your opportunities and take your business ahead.

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