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coin master free spins

Coin Master: Coin Master is already the most popular game on the internet today. It’s a fun game designed for people of all ages. A strategy game where you build a village by getting coin master free spins  probability to win 50,000 or unlimited coins to attack others. There are slot machines that generate coins when you spin. Slot machines are lined with various symbols such as coins, coin bags, shields, pig thieves, bullhammers, spins, current events and more. Spin and press three similar symbols for higher rewards. The shield protects your village from attacks. If you get the Hammer of 3 Bulls, you have a chance to attack your friend’s village, but don’t target your friend. As a result, you can become your rival’s enemy.

The main thing is the coin master turn. Coin Master rewards spins and coins daily. These will be updated on this site. Here we update the daily free spins and coin links below. There are about 4 to 5 links daily. Earn 23 million coins of spins about 50 to 70 times a day. Also, if you invite a friend, they will spin 70-100 times depending on the level

Get Coin Master Free Spins

Register coin master with our Facebook account

It is advisable to register with our Facebook account (if we have one we can quickly create) to take advantage of the 50 courses that the game offers us . In addition, 1 million coins are available for us as well.

Another advantage that using our Facebook account gives us is that we can play with our friends (if we have Facebook friends playing this title) as well as save our progress associated with the account

watch ads

As I mentioned above, most of the games that come to the mobile app store are free and free because they include ads and ads and with it generate a large amount of income that allows them to continue offering the free app as well as include a series of in-app purchases.

Coin Master allows us to receive free spins to watch advertising , free spins have limits (we can’t spend a whole day watching ads to get a large number of free spins).

Follow Coin Master account on Facebook

Follow the Coin Master account on Facebook will allow us to get exclusive offers and bonuses , so it is a good way to continue enjoying the application and get the spins for free and without having to invest a single euro in the game.

Invite other Facebook friends to play

Another way we have at our disposal to get free spins is to invite our friends on this platform to start playing. For every friend we get we will receive 40 totally free spins . To do this, our friend must download the game and log in to Facebook.

Device day change

Depending on how recent your device is, you may be able to manually change our current date. This will not allow you to get daily rewards faster without having to wait for the game to provide us with free spins of the day.

Take advantage of promotions

Like any game worth its salt, Coin Mater offers and promotions are launched regularly to encourage all those users who do not invest money in the game. Thanks to these offers, we can save a significant amount of money than if we made purchases regularly without even thinking about this possibility.

Apps to get free spins and coins

In both the App Store and Play Store we have apps at our disposal that offer us free spins and coins for Coin Master. The operation of all the applications is practically the same as we have to download the applications, beat some very simple games, as always waiting to receive gifts.

Earn Coin Master Free spins, Free coins with Discord

Now the way to increase Coin Master spin has spread to Discord, for those of you who don’t know, Discord is a communication platform that was originally created to support the gaming community. Help gamers find teammates to play the game with.

But many people have come to Discord for other purposes because of the useful features of this application. Business groups, study teams, knowledge exchange…

And now you can join the spin team in Discord to increase spin coin master. Here you will also receive a Facebook friend link

Step 1: First, download the Discord app, register and log in to your Discord account and click on the link below to apply to join the group. Next click Accept Invitation .

Step 2: Once you have joined the group approved by admin

Step 3: After joining the group, go to the Chat Channel section, there are channels to help you communicate and find help from other gamers in the group. Channel Share-Link will be the main channel where the admin shares links with Facebook friends running spin every day.

There is also a Card Exchange channel to help those who lack cards receive cards from those you want to share. If you have any questions, please go to the FAQ channel to ask, the admins and other players will answer your questions.

Coin Master free spins hack  by exchanging cards

Coin Master free spins hack by exchanging cards

This is also a way that quite a few players use to get free Coin Master spins and the way to do it is not too complicated.

In Coin Master, you will have quite a few card collections, and if you complete all cards in a collection. A number of rewards will be given to you, including spins. There are also more pets and if you are at a higher level, you will get more XP points for the pet.

To unlock card collections, you will have to level up your house. Only then will you be able to unlock collections and open chests with cards in that collection.

To earn the missing card in the collection, you need to go to Facebook and join in the groups or go to the Fanpage of groups that run spins or specialize in card trading by following the link that I pasted above and calling for help “to shore”. There will be generous gamers who will help you with the number of cards you are missing, or you can also exchange your cards with them.

There are also gamers who have too many cards, they will post on groups or Fan Page to share with new gamers. Of course, the number is limited, so if you see such groups, quickly make friends with them and ask them for help quickly.

In many ways in the game, you can get more spins in Coin Master. You can invite more friends, spin spins to get spins, or buy directly at the in-game store to get spins. However there are ways that you can run spins, earn lots of spins in Coin Master easily without going through too many steps.

Coin Master  Free Spins Links and Coins Unlimited 


With a bet coin master spin it rewards you. Pressing the same icon three times will increase your reward. You can bet 1x, 2x, 3x, 5x, 10x, 15x, 20x, and 200x if you have a bet blast, but otherwise you will not be able to get it. It is more likely to win if you stake a higher amount.

Collection of cards

The card collection is also part of the game. You can get a card by purchasing a chest. When you attack it, you get a free card from another player’s village base. As you increase the level, you will have golden breasts from one village to another. A wooden chest, a gold chest, and an 8-slot magic chest are each contained in two, four, and eight chests, respectively. The card has a star. The more stars, the more valuable it is. There is also a ruby ​​chest that can be purchased with 700 card stars. Some gold cards cannot be exchanged with friends, but only if they can be exchanged. When the card boom occurs, you can get 50% more cards. When the village master arrives, you can get more rewards by completing the village.

What kind of gifts can I give with Coin Master?

There are coins, spins and cards that you can give to your friends in this game. You can give extra cards to your friends. There is also an official trade association of coin masters where you can join a lost card and exchange it with your friends. There are also industry groups that can participate in free cards and card exchanges.

There are various tournaments that come to reward you. You have the chance to win coins, spins, pet food, pet xp and more. Tournaments last three to four days, also known as special events, and you need to step up to the top. There are daily tournaments that stay 24 hours a day with the chance to win a gold card. There are other challenges like attack madness, raid madness. There, hits or raids bring you closer to rewards.

You can also get a chest of duplicate cards. That is, you can replace the duplicate card with a new one. These stars do not reduce the stars in your game or select the cards that are least important to you.

Gift Master coin master It’s time to buy spins and coins in this game coinstar Give you a special gift.

Coin Master’s daily events

Coin Masters daily events
Coin Master’s daily events

Mysterious Breasts- One in ten chests contains wildcards along with spins, pet food, and pet xp.

Master Robbery- A promotional event with various offers to buy spins and coins. There are three offers that you need to make step by step.

Friend Invitation Limit- Inviting friends via Facebook and connecting via Facebook will cause a spin, but this limit is up to 250 friends. However, there are other ways to get spins, and you can give your friends up to 50 spins daily.

There are many contests on the official fan page of Social Media Contests and Freebies coin master. There are many daily gifts and rewards you can earn on our site.

Complete Card Collection : The maximum number of spins is at the end of the set. You can exchange your regular card with your friends, or if you have a gold card available.

Balloon Madness –This is an event where you can pop balloons and get spins. These are the free spins you get from time to time.

Tournament goals

  • Tournament
  • Gift master
  • Special event
  • Attack master
  • Pillage Master
  • Village master
  • Bet explosion
  • Card explosion
  • Chest card
  • Gold card exchange
  • Balloon madness
  • Viking mission
  • Set explosion
  • Event error

Alternative Or Similar  of Coin Master

Tired of Coin Master? If your answer is yes, you have come to the wrong place. Here we are going to show you 5 games similar to Coin Master that you can download for free to your Android or iPhone mobile.

Alternative Or Similar  of Android and iOS

Before showing you the games in question You do not have to uninstall this game out of trouble , as it is always possible to get spins for free .

Pirate kings

The operation of this game is an alternative to Coin Master , since you will have to complete islands, make spins and obtain coins to be able to compete with your friends. The good thing is that, unlike other games of the same style, Pirate Kings offers more spins , something that adds a lot of fun, since you almost don’t have to do tricks to get those spins.

Pirate Kings Features

  • Incredible prizes.
  • Possibility to build and organize islands
  • Allows you to join friends through Facebook to get rewards.
  • It is totally free .
  • It has little publicity.

Piggy Go – Clash of Coin

Fun, easy to play and above all very colorful . If what you are looking for is an alternative to Coin Master , this is the game that you should undoubtedly download. The objective is simple: make rolls to get coins, attacks and ” tickets ” to steal their money. The more coins you get, the more cities you can build.

The features of Piggy Go – Clash of Coins

  • Super fun activities : tournaments, daily goals and much more.
  • Allows you to collect cards to get spins and coins.
  • It gives the possibility that anyone can connect with Facebook to exchange letters and gifts with friends.
  • Eye-catching skins that will change the look of your character in the blink of an eye.
  • It is totally free.

Coin Boom

Unbelievably, there are quite a few alternatives to Coin Master that you can find on the Play Store and App Store , and one of them is Coin Boom . The game system of this mobile title does not differ too much from the popular Coin Master, since the objective is to make spins to obtain coins that will later be used to complete towns.

Coin Boom Features

  • It offers more than 200 villages to complete .
  • It allows us to obtain free spins simply and quickly.
  • You can connect with Facebook to exchange cards and prizes with friends.
  • It is free and also has almost no advertising.
Coin Beach

Looking for a game extremely similar to Coin Master? Well, this is the one you have to download on your Android or iPhone. Compete with millions of players from around the world, attack them, steal them and build your kingdom to show them to all your Facebook friends.

Coin Beach Features

  • More than 200 beaches that you can complete using dummy coins.
  • The runs are replenished every hour and it is almost impossible to run out of them.
  • Is free.
  • It has little publicity.
Island king

And, last but not least, comes one of the most downloaded Coin Master alternatives on the Play Store and App Store. Island King is an extremely fun game , so much so that almost all those who play Coin Master have downloaded this title on their mobile.

Island King Features

  • Play with your Facebook friends.
  • Collect all the cards to receive rewards: spins and coins.
  • Use pets to have greater rewards when attacking other players.
  • Island king
  • Download
  • QR-Code


Finally, coin master, this is a fun game. Play with your friends, visit our site for daily rewards, daily coin master free spins links and free coin links.

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