Advantage and Disadvantage of upgrading to Windows 10

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As promised, Microsoft today started to update compatible devices to Windows 10 , causing millions of devices around the world to start enjoying all the new features included in this being treated as “the latest” version of the system .

As many know, this type of release can cause some problems because it is the first stable edition of the platform. We then decided to separate a list with some pros and cons that should be analyzed before we go for the update, since it can be a bit of work to get back to Windows 7 or 8.1 after performing the procedure.

First of all, we must remember that everything will be done at your own risk, because even if you carry out the process through the official Microsoft tool to “force” the update, errors can be found.

Let’s stop talking and get to work!

Advantages of upgrading to Windows 10

Microsoft Edge

The new browser from Microsoft came to replace Internet Explorer, with a modern look and several new functions. It is worth mentioning that it is being highly praised by everyone who uses it, even being said that its performance surpasses not only Internet Explorer 11, but also Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, which is a really interesting feat.

With this, we have a great alternative to the Google browser, which after years of being a reference in terms of stability and performance has been increasingly criticized by users, with excessive consumption of RAM and several other problems being seen.

Integration with other devices

This is another feature that has been much emphasized by Microsoft since the announcement of Windows 10 last year, because according to the company the system has been developed to work in a universal way. This means that it can be used on all types of devices, thus creating a huge ecosystem never seen before. Because of this, the means of integration between devices have been worked on, allowing you to perform feats like streaming games from your Xbox One to a PC, for example.

Windows Store

It is known that the Windows Store is not one of the great attractions in Windows 8.1, with people who have used the system for years without even realizing its existence. In Windows 10, however, the store will be unified across all platforms, thus receiving more attention from developers and gaining many new features, including book and movie rentals. With this, it will not be necessary to search for alternative programs to watch your favorite series, obviously according to the partnerships signed by the company.

Start menu

Something that discouraged many people from migrating to Windows 8 was the absence of the famous start menu, thus making the system very different from what we were used to seeing years ago. With the arrival of the function in Windows 10, Microsoft hopes to draw the attention of Windows 7 users who have not previously migrated, since all applications can be seen in an organized way as we always had, in addition to the presence now of the live tiles practices.

Action Center

This is another feature inherited from Windows Phone smartphones that certainly caught the eye in Windows 10. In the new version of the system you will have quick access to several types of functions, as well as notifications about your selected applications and several other pertinent notices, displaying everything in an organized and personalized way.

New mode for touch devices

With Windows 10 it finally “makes sense” to have a hybrid device or a notebook with a touchscreen, as the system will allow its entire interface to be adapted for use with this type of input, ignoring the presence of a physical keyboard . It is worth mentioning that the same goes for the reverse, being possible to have the complete interface on your tablet simply by connecting a keyboard and a mouse.

Cortana (coming soon)

This is probably one of the great points of Windows 10, since the idea of ​​turning the virtual assistant for smartphones into a universal application available on practically all platforms has made Microsoft able to draw a lot of attention to the function, making it practically indispensable, as the company itself highlighted in one of its announcements about the system. We must remember, however, that the tool does not work fully in our language, and is currently used only as part of the search engine. This, however, is expected to change in 2015 .

When it is finally possible to use Cortana in our language, we will be able to explore the full potential of the software, carrying out commands via voice or without even having to ask for something, since the intelligence inserted by Microsoft is able to determine when you need to know about certain subject, such as the time to leave the house to catch your flight according to the traffic to the airport, for example, then an alert is sent to your notebook and all other devices that have the assistant.

Constant updates

Microsoft said that Windows 10 will have free updates at least until 2025 , which gives us at least another 10 years without having to worry about having an outdated system, either in terms of security or features. It is worth noting that this is only the initial term and may be extended as new updates are made available.

Obviously, there are many other advantages to upgrading to Windows 10, such as gains in performance and security, in addition to greater support for new technologies. However, we will now move on to the negative points that should be highlighted, as not everything is flowers when it comes to updating to the new version of an operating system.

It’s free!

This is something that has been much emphasized by Microsoft since the first conference on Windows 10. Users of editions 7 and 8.1 will be able to update their devices completely free of charge, being necessary to activate the system until July 29, 2016. As stated, whoever performs the update in this first year will have the same support as those who purchased a license exclusively for the new version of the platform, being able to enjoy all the news without having to pay even a penny.

Disadvantages of upgrading to Windows 10

Initial disorders with failures

As stated at the beginning of this article, Windows 10 is still in its first stable build, which means that bugs can be found that were not discovered through the numerous tests carried out through the Insiders program. Because of this, it may be recommended that you wait a while until at least the first update with bug fixes comes out and then update your device.

It is worth mentioning that none of these small problems should compromise the use, since all the major instabilities have already been solved, making it possible to use the system without any setbacks. In addition, a large package with fixes is being developed by Microsoft and should be delivered as early as August, while three updates were released today , thus seeking to solve all major problems.

Incompatible hardware

This feature is so obvious that it may go unnoticed by some: Windows 10 has minimum requirements to be installed. Because of this, even if your computer is capable of running an earlier version of the operating system, you must pay close attention to the required hardware before downloading the update.

According to the list released by the company, it is necessary that the PC has:

1GHz processor

1GB RAM for 32-bit version and 2GB RAM for 64-bit version

Storage: 16GB for 32-bit version and 20GB for 64-bit version

Graphics support: DirectX 9 or later with WDDM 1.0 driver

Display: 800 × 600 resolution

This list even takes us to the next point.

Unsupported old peripherals or drivers

Just as the components of your computer may be too outdated for the new version of the platform, the same can happen with the peripherals installed on it, such as a mouse, keyboard and even printers. We must remember that, with regard to incompatibility, this is unlikely to happen with mice or keyboards connected by wire, since these devices have a continuous support because they have not changed their connection interface for years.

If you are using any other type of accessory connected via wireless, however, be sure to check if the manufacturer will continue to provide support with the arrival of Windows 10 before performing the update.

Installation delay

This is something that should vary a lot according to the device that will be updated and the type of installation that will be done, since formatting your device and inserting the system from scratch will take much less time than updating something crammed with files and programs, because in this case all the necessary optimizations will be made so that everything is executed without any type of incompatibility.

In our tests, for example, it was possible to perform a “clean install” in something close to 30 minutes, while updating a notebook while keeping all files took more than three hours. It is also worth remembering that many people believe that for a system to work at its best it is necessary to have it installed on a previously formatted device, thus preventing files from previous versions from conflicting with the new ones. This, however, should not make much of a difference in everyday use.


In case you paid attention to the list, you could see that there are many more pros and cons to upgrading to Windows 10. With that, it can be said that those interested in the innovations inserted by Microsoft will not have any big problem in updating even today, since that some basic care is taken.

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