Acne after the age of thirty…causes and treatment! 


The stage of entering the thirties is characterized by physical maturity, and may be accompanied by light wrinkles on the face, but some suffer during this period from the appearance of acne. Why may the acne associated with adolescence appear at a later age?

Discolored skin?

It is strange that these pills appear in women in their thirties or forties, even though they never suffered from the problem of acne during adolescence. And when women stop using birth control pills, acne begins to appear on the face even after the end of the teenage period long years. Stopping taking birth control pills leads to an increase in the secretion of male hormones and thus the pills appear.

Stress is also an important reason for the appearance of acne in the thirties and beyond, especially since stress also leads to an increase in the secretion of male hormones, in addition to stress hormones, which change the nature of the process of secretion of fat in the face. And sometimes pimples appear on the face as a result of intestinal bacteria due to unbalanced nutrition or taking antibiotics.

It is possible that facial care products are the same as the reason behind the appearance of these pimples, as the use of anti-wrinkle creams or some night creams rich in fat, may also cause the appearance of pimples, according to the "Express" report.

The ideal treatment for pills requires first, knowing its cause, grains resulting from poor nutrition need to change the diet or lifestyle. The second step is hygiene, especially when it comes to non-festering pimples that most women suffer from. It helps to undergo deep cleansing of the skin by specialists, to get rid of pimples.

It is important to consult a doctor in the event of pimples suppurating, because the treatment requires antibiotics before using medical ointments and creams.

Natural means such as rose water or mint can be used to close the pores, as well as staying away from skin products that contain alcohol in their composition.

Processing grains needs to change some eating habits. It is known that a lot of dairy products, carbohydrates and sugars harm the skin and increase the appearance of grains, so it is preferable to reduce these foods while increasing the intake of vegetables and fruits when grains begin to appear.

Watch out.. do not exercise while you have a high temperature

 Missing a run-in in the fall? Many often plan to start exercising or a daily run, but cancel those plans as the weather turns in the fall. With these five tips, you will overcome your laziness.

Run before or right after work

Try alternative sports

 How about an alternative sport The goal here is to force the body to move.

Buying new sportswear or equipment

To register in a club or group

It is important to emphasize the importance of enjoying sports: some view sports as a duty to be completed without paying attention to its many benefits, including helping to relax and clear the mind and so on. 

It's cold outside, and you'd like to get covered in a blanket or sit by the fireplace and have a cup of tea, right? Nice ambiance for sure, but remember that you should not neglect exercise no matter the weather! Well, you want to exercise indoors? Although this remains better than not exercising at all, there are many advantages to exercising in the cold outdoors, according to the German magazine "Freuden", which are.

Tips for running in the winter without problems!

Cold increases the risk of heart attack

Burn more calories

The body stores different types of fat, including two important types that we benefit from during exercise in cold weather, and they are white and brown fats.

While white fat stores additional energy, brown fat uses energy to generate heat and regulate body temperature. With the help of brown fat, we can burn more calories while exercising on cold days and even regulate our appetite better.

Increase stamina

Studies have shown that warmer temperatures can reduce endurance during exercise, while cooler temperatures can improve performance. Studies have found that temperatures between 10 and 12 degrees are best for exercise in order to increase endurance.

Make your brain work better

Studies show that our brains work better in cold weather, because lower body temperature makes the brain get more energy in the form of glucose, which in turn improves brain performance. Other studies have also shown that memory performance is better in cold weather.


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