15 Tricks To Get Coin Master Free Spins, Cards

Coin Master has become fashionable, a mobile game that combines classic slot machine mechanics with attacking and defending players’ villages. Although its operation is simple, knowing the tricks of Coin Master free spins  we will have an advantage.

There are ways to get  Coin Master free spins , better defend ourselves from enemy attacks, and advance in the construction of villages. However, the fundamental element of Coin Master is chance , and that cannot be avoided.

Right now, Coin Master includes a total of 343 villages , but more will be added, and at a certain point the level of difficulty for those who do not use the integrated payments skyrockets.

Connect to Facebook To Get Coin Master Free Spins

coin master free spins

Coin Master has been designed to link to the player’s Facebook account , and there are no tricks to avoid it. If we do not connect with Facebook, we will lose many of your options, although using the social network means providing personal data to the developers.

Using Facebook saves the game (in case we change mobile), allows you to invite friends and exchange letters with them. In the end, the viral component is key, and that is why Coin Master makes using Facebook almost mandatory.

Add Facebook friends To Get More Coin Master Free spins

The most effective system to obtain free spins is to invite friends to join Coin Master, as each of them will report 40 additional spins . Unfortunately, just sending the invitation is not enough, the other person must join via Facebook for it to reach us.

If we do not have acquaintances who play, or we want to repeat the process several times, the alternative would be to create Facebook accounts to get these free spins (which we will not use later, of course), although each one will need an associated email account.

On the other hand, adding contacts to Coin Master makes it possible to exchange gifts with coins and spins , so it is quite beneficial. The game tries to go viral, so it encourages us to make it known to other people.

Take advantage of gifts on social networks

Coin Master makes gifts and raffles on its social networks , especially on Facebook, where it publishes the shortcuts to get the prizes. We will have news almost daily, including free spins, so it’s worth keeping an eye on.

It is one of the safest tricks, and if we ignore it we will be at a disadvantage. Of course, it forces us to dedicate even more time to the game, as we must also be aware of their publications on social networks.

Use CM Rewards Pro

Being aware of the links to win prizes in Coin Master is not too comfortable, and on Android there are applications that are dedicated to collecting all the content . Sometimes we can find expired links, but in general it will be more effective than looking for them manually.

It is one of those tricks that we should not count on 100%, since those responsible for Coin Master could request the withdrawal of third-party apps, but it is worth using it as long as possible.

Reload shields frequently

To avoid the attacks of other Coin Master players we can store up to 3 shields , but they will not last long. Therefore, we must make new rolls frequently, to recover shields and not lose coins.

Staying active in Coin Master is the key to many of the tricks: the title rewards us for playing very frequently , several times each day, offering us free coins and spins.

Spend the coins fast

The objective of the coins is to build villages, so we have to use them as soon as we get enough for the next building . They are not worth storing them for days (or even hours) and losing them in an attack.

The ideal would be to get enough coins at once to advance to the next village. Many times it will not be possible, but it is better to repair damaged buildings than to keep the coins standing.

Get extra spins 

coin master free spins

The slot machine is the core element of Coin Master, if we don’t have spins, basically we won’t be able to do anything. They are normally recharged at a rate of 5 spins per hour , with a maximum of 50.

Coin Master tries to get us to buy spins with real money, which are not cheap at all, but there are tricks to get them for free. For example, each Facebook friend that we invite to the game and join will report 40 additional spins.

Watching an advertising video we will get 1 extra spin , and also when completing a village or if we get them in the slot machine as a prize. So there are alternatives, although after playing Coin Master for a few minutes they will run out and we will have to wait

Send more than 5 letters a day

By default, it is only possible to send 5 letters a day to our Coin Master friends, something that we can overcome by simply changing the time of the mobile so that it believes that the term of the previous exchange has passed.

Another solution is to uninstall and reinstall Coin Master , we will have another 5 runs again. These are fairly basic tricks, which the developers may block in the future, or perhaps keep available for the more seasoned Fans.

Take advantage of every moment

Coin Master demands attention from time to time, and does not stop sending us notifications. Luckily, there are tricks to make the sessions shorter, and not require too much concentration, in case we are busy at that moment.

The clearest is to hold down the “Pull” button on the roulette for a few seconds, so that it works by itself until we have to attack or assault a village.

In addition, if we press the “Bet x1” button we can raise it to “x2” or “x3”. The spins will be consumed faster, but in return the prizes will multiply, something useful if we are in a hurry.

Additional currencies

It is also possible to get free coins on Coin Master. For example, watching an advertising video, which appears on the main screen and usually lasts about 30 seconds (if we do not see it in its entirety, we will not be awarded the prize).

Another alternative to get more coins is to raise the bet multiplier, although it will consume more spins. Finally, the store sells its virtual currency with real money, charging from 2.39 euros for 800,000 pieces to a surprising 119.99 euros if we want 90 million.

Beware of offers

The aim of the cheats should be to play Coin Master without spending money, but if we are going to do so, we should not trust the offers. We will see “incredible” discounts with a limited time, to try to buy them impulsively.

Actually, there are always offers of one kind or another, and the timer is a sales technique. So we must meditate well if we really want to invest real money, and if the “discounts” that they propose provide us with any advantage.

Optimize attacks

When attacking an enemy village we can use some tricks. For example, if a building is already damaged, it usually drops more coins when you throw the hammer of thunder at it.

When it comes to raiding there are also tricks to avoid the location without coins. In general, it is better to go to the ones near the buildings, and in the last round you have to press both points at the same time, and the one with loot will be selected.

Puncture the balloons 

coin master free spins

If balloons appear while you spin the wheel, click on them and they will explode. We will obtain extra runs very easily, so we must not miss the opportunity.

In principle, the balloons are a temporary event, but it is to be imagined that they will be launched again in the future, even if it is using another object. They are little tricks that sometimes go unnoticed, but that make a difference.

Don’t waste runs

The limit of free spins that can be accumulated in Coin Master is only 50. That is, every 10 hours we will reach the maximum, so we should spend a while to spend them, and that they continue to accumulate.

And is that almost all tricks require paying attention to Coin Master frequently. In the end, it is based on the same mechanisms as conventional slots, and it needs to “hook” us so that we do not abandon it out of boredom, because it does not really offer much content.

Disconnect when you need it

Sometimes Coin Master can get heavy, with continual warnings of attacks. If we want to forget about the game for a while, it is possible to deactivate the notifications, without having to uninstall the application.

Although we have explained how to remove notifications from any app at the operating system level, we can do it directly from the Coin Master itself from this section:

Be wise if you spend real money

Gambling is no longer a strange phenomenon in the digital world, and we have seen titles like the controversial FIFA 20 applying mechanics that are too close to betting, even if it does not offer a financial prize.

The same can be applied to Coin Master, which in legal conditions requires to be a minimum of 18 years old, and includes a slot machine with lights and sounds, which encourages us to feed with real money.

It is clear that a free game like Coin Master needs integrated purchases to be viable, but as users we must be cautious and avoid spending significant amounts that can become “hooked”.

With all these tricks our games will become more efficient, and we will enjoy Coin Master to the fullest. A title that has become very popular in a short time, thanks to advertisements with celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, and we do not know if it will become a classic like Candy Crush or Clash Royale with the passage of time.

How to get Coin Master Free Spins 

Coin Master is a very popular game, combining the chance of a slot machine with the building, raiding and looting of villages. Many times we will want to get free spins for the machine , since all the progress depends on it.

We have already presented some general tricks for Coin Master free spins  , and now we will focus on one of the most delicate aspects. Coin Master will try to get us to buy spins with real money , and the prices are not cheap at all, but the goal is to avoid this.

Of course, we must think that Coin Master is a game of chance, and that its intention is that we make micropayments. You can get runs at no cost if we know how, but within limits.

Play the slot machine and finish villages

One of the prizes of the slot machine consists of free spins , and it comes out with a certain frequency, something that we should take advantage of. They can also go out by accumulating objects, and by completing all the buildings in the village , allowing the next one to pass.

Of course, we will never win more spins than we spend, but overall Coin Master is quite generous. Since they are the basis of the game, it would also not make sense to limit them to the point of becoming frustrating.

Therefore, if we do not have spins and the coins arrive to finish the current village, we will probably be able to continue playing for free after receiving the bonus for changing levels.

Look at the ads to Win Coin Mater Free Spins

When all the spins are exhausted and the offers to buy more are rejected, an icon will appear in the lower right area (slot machine screen) to see an advertising video , almost always lasting 30 seconds.

When we see it in its entirety, they will give us an additional roll , which will not help much, but at least it is free, and perhaps it will allow us to finish some pending objective, which in turn rewards us with more rolls.

Attention to offers and discounts

It is clear that someone has to make micropayments for Coin Master to be a free download, but we must be cautious with some of their practices. It will always show us offers of coins, spins and other objects , with a time limit.

He wants us to make an impulse purchase , but really the game is always launching offers and savings packs, so we will not be missing any opportunity.

Finally, if we have used up all the free spins and really want to continue playing, to the point of being willing to pay real money, maybe we should reflect on that.

More and more titles use dynamics typical of casinos and bookmakers , causing micropayments to begin to be regulated in some countries, so we must be careful.

While it is true that Coin Master can be played for a long time with Free Spins , the 254 villages it includes make it almost endless, so there is no point in being overwhelmed

Wait for them to recharge

Every 60 minutes of time in the real world (not in the game) we will recharge 5 spins . That is, in 10 hours we will have reached the limit of the counter, and no more can be accumulated.

If we want to play Coin Master for free we have to be aware of the spins limit , and spend them as soon as possible, to continue obtaining more. The app encourages us to access several times a day, to “get hooked”, so it rewards consistency.

For example, if we only open the game once a day, it would give us 50 spins, but doing it several times the figure rises to the maximum of 120 free spins a day .

How to get gold cards in Coin Master

coin master free spins

The so-called golden Coin Master cards are one of the rarest items in the game, but we will need them to complete the collections, which give us various prizes.

For example, completing a collection is one of the ways to get  Coin Master free spins , plus some provide us with new pets. It is not easy to obtain the gold cards, but there are tricks to facilitate it.

The cards in Coin Master appear in the chests, which we sometimes win by looting villages, finishing a village of our own or in certain events. Card chests can be purchased in the in-game store using coins (not real money), although whether they come out gold depends on chance.

Get chests optimally in Coin Master

The cards in the chests depend on the village in which we are. That is, we should not advance too fast to the next one, or we will miss some, but neither should we stay the same if many repetitions begin to appear.

The exact distribution in the villages is not known, but we do know that the golden cards appear more frequently as you progress on the map. That is, when we start playing Coin Master, we will not get too many gold cards.

With the looting chests or finishing a village, it will not reach us to complete the collections, so we have to resort to the store chests, which have three versions:

  • Wooden chest with 2 cards (probability of 2 and 3 stars).
  • Golden chest with 6 cards (probability of 3 and 4 stars).
  • Magic chest with 8 cards (probability of 4 and 5 stars).

The prices in coins are dynamic and change in Coin Master, although the difference between the three types of chest is usually kept proportional.

None of them are gold cards guaranteed, but the magic chest has a better chance of including 4 and 5 star cards, which are usually gold.

Coin Master always encourages us to spend real money, but curiously the chests can only be bought with virtual currencies. Something rare for a title that uses techniques more typical of casinos and games of chance than a standard mobile game.

Lastly, Coin Master occasionally holds an event to exchange the repeated cards for chests. If we still have repeated cards after exchanging them with our friends, investing them in chests where they can come out gold is a very good idea.

Gold card trading events in Coin Mater

Gold cards cannot be traded with our Coin Master friends, unlike normal ones. It is the main obstacle to getting them all, greater even than its low spawn rate.

However, sometimes Coin Master holds events where it enables the exchange of gold cards, although they are usually only a few specific ones.

While we can organize changes on our own (or send gold cards altruistically), there is an official group on Facebook to put players in touch.

Finally, you have to be careful with certain systems to get gold cards, spins or coins. Just by taking a look in an Internet search engine we will find tools that promise us many extras for Coin Master at no cost, but of doubtful reliability.

We must be wary if they ask us for personal information (especially the credit card) or install apps outside of Google Play, as we could suffer a scam if we are not cautious.

In addition to these tips to get gold cards, we have also explained the best tricks for Coin Master, which will make it easier for us to advance in the game.

In the end, the gold cards are an interesting element of Coin Master, but not essential, so we can see them as a complement to the main mechanics.

Game or slots? This is Coin Master, the latest “hit” on Android and iPhone

Coin Master , a title not very well known until recently, has become a phenomenon on Android and iPhone, to the point of being the game that generates the most income on mobile phones . A controversial success, because more than a game it is a kind of slot machine, which puts users at risk of gambling.

We have compiled some tricks for Coin Master , where its problems were already evident: all the mechanics are based on a virtual slot machine , designed so that we open the game several times a day and compete with our friends and acquaintances.

It is clear that Coin Master seeks to “hook” its users , something that to a greater or lesser extent should be the goal of any video game. The problem is that the integrated store offers different content to extend the games at really high prices.

Coin Master is free to download and play for a long time each day for free. Logically, someone has to make purchases for your business model to be viable, and your huge income shows that there are those who do.

From a rational point of view it is surprising that there are those who pay real money to get more spins on the slot machine: from 2.39 euros for 25 spins to 119.99 euros for 2,800 spins.

That suggests that they are people who “hooked” Coin Master in a similar way to how it happens with sports betting, bingo or casinos .

For people over 18 years old, and with high prices

As soon as we install Coin Master, a message asks us to confirm that we are 18 years old, something that shocks a bit if we think about the childish aesthetics of the title, with characters such as a “piggy thief” or an imitation of Marvel’s Thor

In practice, there is no real age control , so a child could gain access, just like a gambler in treatment who has requested a self-ban from access to conventional casinos.

Once we start playing it is easy to spend half an hour a day with the slot machine using the free spins. In addition, the title rewards that we enter several times a day , and it sends us notifications for it.

There are quite a few ways to get free spins on Coin Master , and the vast majority of players will be satisfied with this, but those who want more slot spins, or other items, can purchase them from the store:

  • Spins: from 25 for 2.39 euros to 2,800 for 119.99 euros.
  • Coins: from 1.2 million for 2.39 euros to 145 million for 119.99 euros.
  • Pet food: from 1 food for 2.39 euros to 125 foods for 119.99 euros.
  • That Coin Master includes “micropayments” of up to 119.99 euros gives food for thought about its business model. Everything indicates that it is similar to other free-to-play mobile games, with a vast majority of users who pay nothing, and a percentage of enthusiasts with high spending.

The business is very profitable when compared to conventional gambling. In a casino or a betting house, players recover a greater or lesser part of what they spent, but in Coin Master the payments are to participate, without the possibility of winning anything.


So, that’s it for our Coin Master free spins ,tips and tricks post! We hope you liked it. I’ll quote it again hope you will enjoyed it.

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